Want to shop cheaply and order from USA retailers, but can’t because…
…they won’t ship to Australia?
…they won’t accept an Australian credit card?

Ship to Oz can help. You shop, and we purchase on your behalf and Ship to your door.

Here’s how it works in 3 Easy Steps .

Search online and fill out our secure form with shopping links. Search your favourite US stores online. Once you have found what you want to buy, fill out our secure order form, pasting the web link (URL) from the shopping site on to the form. All purchases are SALES TAX FREE.
Pay online using PayPal (you can even use your credit card) We’ll send you a no-obligation estimate of all the costs in the form of an emailed PayPal invoice. You can click the link in the email to review the itemized invoice without making any commitment to buy. To confirm and place the order, simply pay the invoice with your PayPal account, or your credit card (No PayPal account required).
We make the order, and ship it on to you in Australia As soon as we receive the confirmation of your payment, we will order your goods on your behalf, receive them here in the USA and ship them directly to you.

Why wait? Order from the USA today.

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